Preschool Story Time

What is Preschool Story Time?

Story Time for children ages 3-5 and younger homeschoolers is designed around a weekly educational theme. During Story Time there can be interactive, theatrical reading of stories, songs, crafts, puppetry and snacks, all intended to be an exciting and fun way to learn. Story Time is free and open to the public as a service of Norris Library to its patrons.

Story Time Purpose and Goals

Story Time encourages and promotes the love of language and literature. Children listen to, observe, and imitate the books and activities shared, thus building reading readiness as they grow. We strive:

  • To create in children an appetite for reading and for using the library
  • To encourage children to respect other children, the storyteller, and library materials
  • To stimulate children’s imaginations
  • To help children develop language, listening, and motor skills
  • To teach library manners

Preschool story time follows the public school calendar.
Be sure to check our Events Calendar for the complete Story Time schedule.

Summer Reading Program

What is the Summer Reading Program?

The summer reading program is designed for children of all ages as a way to encourage them to read during the summer vacation, use the library, and develop the habit of reading. Each summer the library follows a theme which is set by the Collaborative Summer Reading Program. There are weekly programs at the library throughout the summer which consist of performances and activities that are related to the theme of the program.

In addition to the programs, participants also have a reading log which they may use to keep up with the books that they read throughout the summer. These logs help the participants keep track of where they are towards reaching their reading goals for the summer.

Benefits of Summer Reading Programming for Children:

  • Children are motivated to read
  • Children develop positive attitudes about reading, books, and the library
  • Children maintain and enhance their reading skills during summer vacation
  • Children have access to experiences that further their sense of discovery
  • Children have access to experiences through which they learn to work cooperatively

Be sure to check our Events Calendar for the complete Summer Reading Program schedule.

Daycare, After School Groups, and School Groups

Local daycares in our area participate in story time programs that occur the last full week of each month according to the school calendar. There is also a program on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons on the last full week of the month for a local church’s after school homework group. All parents are welcome to bring their children to these programs.

Local elementary schools plan to include the library as part of their community helpers field trip. Teachers may contact the library at 828-287-4981 for more information or to schedule their class to come to the library for a program.

ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse is an excellent online learning program for children ages 2-7. Children learn through educational games, puzzles, reading tutorials, and other activities. Your children may use ABC Mouse without cost on the library computers or through the library’s wireless access.Click here to access the ABC Mouse website.


The library has STEM Kits available for use by our patrons. The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Kits provide children hands on experience in these subjects. Kits that are available for checkout include circuit board kits. Some kits are available only for use inside the library. The library use only kits include logic learning kits.

Accelerated Reader (AR) and Lexile

AR Book Finder

Searching for books with a corresponding AR quiz is easy with AR Bookfinder. Students, teachers, parents, and librarians can search in English or Spanish using criteria such as ATOS book level (or ATOS 2000), interest level, title, author, fiction/nonfiction, subject, award-winners, state lists, CCSS Exemplars, and more. There is no easier way to find books that are both appropriate and interesting to individual students. With more than 160,000 AR quizzes—fiction and over 70,000 nonfiction quizzes—kids will never run out of books to read.


A Lexile measure is a valuable piece of information about either an individual's reading ability or the difficulty of a text, like a book or magazine article. The Lexile measure is shown as a number with an "L" after it — 880L is 880 Lexile.

North Carolina Digital Library

Library patrons with a valid library card from the CMC consortium (County, Municipal, College) are eligible to use the North Carolina Digital Library.

The North Carolina Digital Library has a large collection of eBooks and audio books that are available for checkout. In addition to the eBooks and audio books, there are some magazines available. The magazines must be viewed through the Nook App.

In order to use the North Carolina Digital Library, one must have a PIN on their library record. If you do not have a PIN, you may have a staff member add a PIN to your account.

The North Carolina Digital Library may be accessed by clicking on the NCDL link on the CMC website. This service may also be reached by clicking here to go directly to the North Carolina Digital Library’s website.

Instruction sheets for downloading eBooks on your device are available in the library.

The North Carolina Digital Library is paid for and provided to the CMC consortium by the Rutherford County Library.


ArtistWorks for Libraries provides patron with world-class instruction through self-paced video lessons from Grammy Award-winning music and artistic professionals. Users are offered everything they need for musical and artistic instruction, from introduction to advanced performance.

Click here to access the ArtistWorks website. 

ArtistWorks is paid for by the Rutherford County Library.